About Us

Stone Spear manufacture and supply some of the best catapults (slingshots) in the world and we ship around the globe.

We use materials such as high grade aircraft aluminium, stainless steel, high density polymers and resins for the frames teamed with the best and fastest propulsion bands. We only use top quality materials and as a result many of our frames have lifetime warranties.

We constantly research and try new materials and systems and if we find them suitable we will adopt them.

Established in 2010 we are now one of the leading suppliers of hunting catapults in the UK and Europe.

Hunting Catapults

Catapults and slingshots have been used to hunt for many years, almost a soon as vulcanized rubber was invented one can imagine it being "weaponized". These small weapons are typically made up of a fork-shaped frame with one or two rubber strips attached to each side. Ammunition can be placed in the centre of the rubber strips in a leather pouch and drawn back to determine how far forward it will travel.

Catapults are highly precise weapons when in the right hands and are great for hunting small game and birds.

We feature two main brands and the occasional range of handmade options. Take your pick from popular brands including Bloodshot and Dankung.


Catapults vary in design with some styles featuring numerous rubber strips and others using just one. There's also a range of sizes and materials to suit your needs.

Catapult bodies and handles can be made from strong woods, stainless steel or polymers depending on the look and feel you prefer. Wooden options are typically the lightest, however, it's important to choose a style and material that offers a comfortable grip and is easy to aim

The majority of catapults are designed with a thong in the centre of the rubber strips to provide a pocket for the ammunition to sit before being released. Choose between various leather options based on softness or firmness that you require, colour is a secondary concern and should not influence a decision to buy. You'll find a selection of replacement latex rubber and elastic bands for your catapult in a range of lengths and thicknesses.

It's possible to buy catapult sets that include a catapult, replacement bands and various quantities of ammunition, with some including softer ammunition for practice.


To go along with your catapult you'll also find a range of ammunition. The most popular option is steel ball bearings for use with catapults you should be looking at sizes between 6 and 12mm with 9.5mm being the most popular. You can find them in quantities of 100 to 1,000. .