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BloodShot BlackCat Polymer Catapult



Bands: Single Bands

Band orientation: TTF

I hold the catapult in my: Left hand


Super tough polymer catapult. Shoots through the forks. Or over the top. - Universal fork tips

Twin or single Theraband bands or frame only. Bands are fitted and ready to shoot as soon as you get your package.

Full size frame

Aim straight down the bands at the target and SHOOT

With practice this style of catapult can be extremely accurate

The design is based on the Hathcock Sniper model produced by Milbro Catapults and Bill Hayes and similar to the Bloodshot Alicat. This design is slightly smaller to be more comfortable for a wider variety of hand sizes and a little more pocket friendly. The dimensions are; 9.5 cm overall width, 13 cm overall height, 5.5 cm fork gap. The frame could also be used with tubes as well as flat bands.

Lifetime warranty on the frame - If you break it under normal use we will replace it free of charge!

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