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BloodShot Aluminium Colt Paracord Hunting Catapult


Flat Bands


Band Set: Flat Bands

Colour: Black & Silver

Material: Aluminium

Out of stock.


This is the BloodShot COLT. Designed by two of the UKs leading and respected catapult designers. This frame is significant as it marks their first collaborative effort. They are also two of the UKs most prolific catapult hunters, and this is now their frame of choice. Size is  15 cm long x 8.5 cm wide with a 4 cm fork gap 

Cut from a solid block of 10mm thick aluminium alloy (NOT CAST) the frame is extremely strong. We even cut it with water so the alloy is not weakened by heat!  Fitted with twin Theraband Gold bands it is powerful. The longer handle with the narrow waist ensure it is comfortable to grip. This is a catapult designed by people that use their catapult to fill the pot.

The frame is shipped with the double Theraband Gold bands fitted so it is ready to shoot as soon as it arrives.

Please note, as with all this type of catapult  the bands must be drawn over the top, ot around the side of the forks and not directly against the ties.