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BloodShot Polymer Colt


Flat Bands
High Density Polymer


Band Set: Flat Bands

Colour: Black

Material: High Density Polymer

Out of stock.


This is the BloodShot COLT. Designed by two of the UKs leading and respected catapult designers. This frame is significant as it marks their first collaborative effort. They are also two of the UKs most prolific catapult hunters, and this is now their frame of choice. The longer handle with the narrow waist ensure it is comfortable to grip. This is a catapult designed by people who use their catapult to fill the pot. Size is . 15cm long x 8.5cm wide with a 4cm fork gap 

Suitable for use with tube bands as well as flat bands. 

This polymer version is so tough that if you break the frame during normal use we will replace it free of charge. Just return the frame with a note of where it was purchased and we will send a new one - even in ten years time or longer! Obviously the warranty does not apply to the bands.

Remember to draw the bands over the top of the frame and not to pull directly against the ties