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CNC AliCat



Band fitted for shooting: OTT

Bands: Single

I hold in my: Left hand

Out of stock.


This is the CNC-AliCat, an amazing CNC machined catapult cut from a solid billet of aircraft quality aluminium and then mirror polished. The result is a flawless finish and an amazing catapult.

Designed for use with flat bands (the most efficient) fixed for over the top OTT or through the forks TTF shooting, utilizing the universal fork tips and available with either single or double bands or without bands as a frame only. 

The frame is designed so all fingers are in contact with the handle, giving exceptional control and therefore greater accuracy. 

This catapult is suitable for hunting, targets or plinking and makes a great gift for anyone interested in shooting sports.

Must be the coolest catapult for sale anywhere!

Overall width 10cm, height 13cm fork gap 6cm thickness 2cm. Span between thumb and forefinger 6.5cm.

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