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BloodShot Hunting or Target Aluminium Catapult. The Colt



This is a solid aluminium hunting catapult, The Colt. Made from 10mm thick aluminium and fitted with Lucite scales (think of riot shield material)

The scales are easily removable with an alan key, and the catapult can be used without them or you may want to make and fit your own scales to change the look of your catapult. 

The bands are fitted to leather tabs, this drastically increases the lifespan of the bands and make the catapult very quiet to shoot. The tabs are fitted with dome head alan bolts to the threaded holes in the forks. The fitted 4070 Dankung bands are more than powerful enough for hunting and shoot 44 cal lead shot with ease. 

15cm long x 8.5cm wide with a 4cm fork gap

Cut from a solid block of 10mm thick aluminium alloy (NOT CAST) the frame is extremely strong. We even cut it with water so the alloy is not weakened by heat!   The longer handle with the narrow waist ensure it is comfortable to grip. This is a catapult designed by people that use their catapult to fill the pot.

The frame is shipped with bands fitted so it is ready to shoot as soon as it arrives.

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