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Dankung Cougar


Flat Bands & Loop Tubes
Stainless Steel


Band Set: Flat Bands & Loop Tubes

Colour: Black & Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Out of stock.

  Designed in conjunction with and signed by Jörg Sprave   Comes complete with Theraband Gold loop bands (fitted) and Dankung loop tubes. Manufactured from quality stainless steel, mirror polished Can be used with looped tube bands or flat bands such as Thera Band etc..

The frame is large enough for big hands, even if held in the typical “hammer grip” style. But it also suits smaller hands and supports the traditional “Chinese grip”, with the thumb and index finger holding the fork arms, and the pinkie finger “locked” into the lower part of the handle. The polished stainless steel slingshot is wrapped in thick, sturdy paracord. The unique “cougar ears” on the top of the fork allow a very solid attachment of powerful flat bands in the popular “Over The Top” style, single or multi layered. But due to the generous hole with a slot in one corner, a tubular, looped band set can be slipped on in just a second.