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Dankung Toucan



The Toucan is a large framed ergonomic slingshot which is designed to make it easy to hold in the correct manner - with the thumb and forefinger locked on the forks and the little finger through the hole in the handle. In fact it makes it difficult to shoot incorrectly! The para-cord wrapping thickens out the handle and gives a slip resistant, tactile feel to this great slingshot.

Made from super resilient, mirror polished stainless steel. It wont split or warp like a wooden slingshot can, it wont crack like zinc can, and it wont chip like glass fibre. And it wont burn, rot or melt. In other words - its made to last. Forever!

The low rise forks are designed to reduce leverage to a minimum when the bands are drawn, (reducing hand shake and making it easier to hold on target until you are ready to shoot)  and they will accept the most powerful looped or flat bands.

The Toucan comes ready to shoot with looped tube bands and fitted Theraband Gold loop bands

Height 12.6cm
Width 10cm
Fork Height 3cm
Fork width 2.1cm
Gape 5.5cm

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