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This is a solid aluminium hunting catapult made in the UK by forge masters for BloodShot Catapults - The Ictus

If you are after a powerful catapult, you need powerful bands but in order to cope with powerful bands a catapult frame has to have certain design features. This frame is non reflective camo, to avoid glare when hunting.

The frame has to have low forks so it isn't levered out of your hand when you draw back the bands. Low forks also improve accuracy.

Every finger should grip the frame, giving more control over the frame. The Ictus is incredibly ergonomic, the palm swell fills the hand giving added security and control

The Ictus is made of sturdy robust aluminium, no rot, no varnish, no voids, no hidden weak spots. Designed for use with flat band rubber, widely regarded as the most efficient catapult rubber, this frame is fitted with four strands (two each side) of TheraBand Gold - hard hitting and durable, the best of the best.

So although it looks like a radical design the Ictus is designed for a purpose – powerful and accurate shooting

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