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Bloodshot Milbro Tabbed Hunting Catapult


1745 Tubes


Band Set: 1745 Tubes

Colour: Black & Silver

Material: Aluminium

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Bloodshot's take on the classic Milbro design. Improved for the 21st century.

Instead of cast aluminium or zinc we cut the frame from solid rolled aircraft quality aluminium. Strong enough to take any band combination and survive fork hits. 

We use punched leather tabs secured secured by allen bolts and brass thumb screws. Making it easy to change from OTT shooting to TTF without changing the bands or the frame!

Instead of the square solid rubber bands that rotted quickly and despite having massive draw weight only delivered mediocre performance, we use Dankung 3060 tubes, fast powerful and consistent power.  

The handle is wrapped in genuine paracord for additional grip.

A great modern catapult that keeps tradition alive

7 x 13.5 cm

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