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Band Type: Tube Bands

The BloodShot Minipult frame is a small catapult cut from a solid billet of quality aluminium alloy. Although small it is easily held in a large hand, the small size means it is very easy to keep in the pocket and with the 25mm wide Theraband Gold Bands or Dankung 3060 tubes it has all the power of a full size shooter.

On the flat band shooter the bands are secured to the frame with rubber strips and with the tube shooter the bands are secured to leather tabs. The catapult comes fully assembled and ready to shoot - just add ammo! As with all catapults of this style the bands are designed to be drawn over the top of the forks.

The frame is highly polished to a mirror finish.

Size is 6 cm wide x 9cm long and 1.5 cm thick

Customer review
by ghaddon 02 Jun, 2016

There's something about Bloodshot Minipults.

I have been an avid slingshot shooter for a couple of years now. My collection is extensive and I have a breadth of different designs. From wide open, low forks to a couple of different types of PFS; this design provides a middle ground of sorts. I now have three of these little catapults from Bloodshot. A black one with (surprisingly) theraband black, a silver one with double theraband gold and most recently this one with the leather tabs and tubes. I love them all. It took me a little while to get a comfy grip. I ended up using the webbing between my thumb and forefinger over the forks with my ring finger in the pinkie hole. I have never looked back. They have almost the accuracy of PFS, the power of a full size slingshot (with the right bands and technique) and feel super comfy to use. They are also tiny, light and extremely pocketable. As a design it stands shoulder to shoulder with anything else I've shot thus far. I cannot recommend these more highly for EDC.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

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