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Red on Red BloodShot Polymer Hunter


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Very ergonomic design, easily held in the correct grip and comfortable even after a long shooting session, Distinguished by a red grip with matching bands.

Made in the UK from HDPE it is probably one of the toughest catapults on the market. And benefits from our lifetime warrenty on the frame

140mm long x 90mm wide.  Fork depth 47mm Fork with 22mm

Customer review

by suffolkplug_231 May, 2016

VFM " power plinker "

With the original bandset and 9mm steel it's becoming one of my favourite 'pults , looking forward to trying tubes next , at this price it'd be worth having one slingshot for each type of rubber tbf . The plastic used is nigh on unbreakable by mortals and the odd fork hit won't matter , should last longer than me .

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New | Sold by: saurian_ventures

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