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TTF Cat Tough Polymer Hunting Catapult



Hold in my: Left hand

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Based on the style of the BlackCat catapult but with dedicated TTF fork tips. This enables the frame to be constructed slightly slimmer giving a wider fork gap without making the forks any wider. There is our lifetime warranty on this frame - break it in normal use and we replace it free of charge (bands and pouch excluded)

The black  frame comes fitted with  latex catapult band set so its ready to shoot as soon as it arrives. Band colour will vary but power is the same.

As with the BlackCat  the TTF Cat can be set up for right or left handed shooters (same frame just band from the other side to change from one hand to the other) 

The fork tips will take bands up to 30mm wide and they also include an aiming groove so you get on target fast.

140mm x 100mm x 20mm thick Fork gap 65mm

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