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Bloodshot X Power Hunter


Flat Bands
High Density Polymer


Band Set: Flat Bands

Colour: Black

Material: High Density Polymer


This Is the Bloodshot Hunter eXtreme Pro-Hunter.

Based on the now famous Hunter frame which is constructed from military grade polymer. This is, of course covered by our lifetime frame warranty, where if you break a frame in normal use we will replace it free of charge!* 

This model is fitted only with TWIN Theraband Gold TAPERED bands (25mm > 20mm) This makes it one of the fastest catapults for heavy ammo available. IDEAL FOR HUNTING. But a bit of overkill if you are just shooting cans (But they don't half jump!)

For additional support there is the rubberised eXtra Grip handle. Remember these frames wont rot or de-laminate like wood or multiplex (plywood) they never need varnish, they shrug off fork hits and are not effected by water. The original, no frills frame with everything you need and nothing you don't.

We recommend using at least .44" lead ammo with this band set up. It will of course still shoot lighter ammo but you may get "hand slap" as the wasted energy returns the bands at high speed.

*Lifetime warrenty does not include bands or pouches We sell spare band sets

140mm long x 90mm wide.  Fork depth 47mm Fork with 22mm

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