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SPS Catapult Core



Here we have the original style catapult core, and by far the most popular and sought after design. A finished catapult of this design finished to a high standard will fetch top money or be a tool you can take pride in for a lifetime.

The core is laser cut from 6mm thick solid aluminium sheet.  Aluminium is easier to polish and drill than steel so there is no need even for power tools. At 6mm thick there is plenty of metal on show even if you opt for a fully scaled project, and of course it is thick enough to prevent any flexing.

This style of catapult can use flat bands, tubes or loops.

You may opt to simply polish the core for a stunning slim practical catapult or go for full or part scaled. Materials suitable for scaling include exotic woods, micarta, kirinite, G10, plywood, almost anything. As the strength is in the core there is less of a need for a structural material for the scale.

Size: 125 x 90 x 6mm


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